Crispy Candy Girl is my personal fashion blog, whereby I can cultivate and showcase my outfits on a weekly basis. I am a lover of colour and a selector of very unique and quirky pieces of clothing and accessories. I have sources that inspire and generate my and looks and travels!I hope to share these sources with you. I have grown to select pieces that either very few have or no one has, and I have to say that I am a great bargain hunter. 

My travels and art / architecture background inspire my style and decision making in life. I hope to inspire girls and women even in the most slightest of ways... a little source of inspiration goes a long way! 

All images are my own. I do not edit any of my photos, as I like to have them as natural as possible. Great photos are captured in the moment when memories are created. 

It is about the Art and not the Photography

Writer: Christina Gelagotellis

Photographer: to be disclosed


A Brief History

For me it is not about showcasing how many designer items I manage to create one or multiple looks. I am one that mixes old and new, expensive and inexpensive. The only rule I remind myself every morning is to feel the presence you have on that particular day and dress for yourself. Imagine yourself in a alternate universe. I am very passionate in what I do, I take great care and great enthusiasm when it comes to discovering new looks, new designers, new matches and I love it when I feel fantastic in the clothes I am in! I am not one to tell you how to dress or how to think about fashion. I am here to inspire you to feel the clothes that you wear and fill you will confidence with what you like! I am a true believer in being optimistic and confident in oneself, as you are your main protector. You are who you are, so own it! I hope to inspire girls and women and help them dress for no one but themselves!

One thing that provokes me is when day-to-day people think fashion is for those who dress to impress!!! YES, there are people who dress to impress, but fashion and style is another form of expressing oneself.  There are people who are not confident enough in their own skin, but have the power of placing items on their body that help them define who they are. We are surrounded by such great creative individuals in this world, and the aim is to encourage, inspire and grow. I am one that takes interest in people's opinions either positive or negative, so please feel free to comment on anything that takes your interest!

Love Christina