Turtle Fever in Paris!

Turtle Fever in Paris!




Oh Paris! You treated me too well! 

As they all say 'Paris is always a good idea', and well yes I captioned it in one of my Instagram posts haaa!

For those of you who live in Europe it is a perfect getaway for a couple of days... a day even! There is more than enough to do whilst you are out there. I found that 4 days were not enough. Myself and my good friend Elina discovered a couple of very cute locations and some GREAT restaurants!! 

The trip was a little getaway for both of us, as we had not seen each other since July! ! It was a great location to pick as we all know how infamous Paris is. You cannot go wrong with it. Food was divine! I will mention the restaurants, buildings, shops, bakeries we went to if I manage to remember them! They may interest some of you guys, if you are headed over to Paris! 


The weather was delightful, though extremely cold! My layering did not work whatsoever! This particular day was the last remaining day of the trip. We had decided to wake-up as early as possible to fit it any last minute bits. I mean I guess it was a shame to leave the Louvre (such a time consuming visit) so last min. Though we saw what we wanted to see!! 

The day then led us to the Renaissance Paris Republique restaurant at 40 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris, France. Totally recommend it.. and try the chestnut and sweet potato starter!!! 

Now for the outfit! Well I wish I could wear this look without such a chunky coat. I guess the look is still wearable in Spring and Summer. I will showcase the look without the coat in another post. I guess you can call this whole look as me being an oversized hipster!

All garments are thick in their material and are 2 sizes larger than the size I would normally wear. I love to layer winter pieces with summer pieces, and that is exactly what I did with the White (rough looking) dress and grey jumper. The jumper is not a dress, but rather a large overlay of wool with exquisite sleeves (I will showcase this jumper better in another blog post). The coat is 2 sizes larger than what I would normally go for, but it was a coat that I has been keen on for a good 6 months. It is from COS, but I was always told that it had not arrived yet in the London stores. As time went on, I discovered it in Grenada Spain (whilst on a field trip) and was on sale! All good things take time <3 !!

My infamous knee-high faux leather boots are from the much loved Zara! The scarf is a vintage Prada silk, the beanie is from H&M (which came with matching gloves).  And now, for the time we have all been waiting for... the TURTLE BAG!!!!!!! 

Are you in love, or are you in love?!?!

Best purchase I have made on this trip! Since not many people know me as of yet, I have to mention that I have a strong love for sea turtles and tortoises! They are stunning creatures that can roam the land and the endless ocean. The bag is a limited edition Tory Burch, that is apparently only sold in selected stores around the world! It is leather and has a lovely texture, almost like snakes skin! 

So that completes the look of the day! I would love to know what you think of my turtle bag! Positive and negative comments are all welcome! Would you ever buy your favourite animal in a form of a bag? 

much love, 


Is RED the new winter colour?

Is RED the new winter colour?

Tis the season to be jolly 1:3

Tis the season to be jolly 1:3