Is RED the new winter colour?

Is RED the new winter colour?

Sacré-Cœur, Paris



This is for those of you that have already been enlightened by the bright colours on the catwalks, events  and street style this season. Dare to cover yourself in red? 

These next couple of months of style will be occupied with the colour RED! It is my main focal colour of this month, as it is the colour of passion, sensuality and power. Red is a is a staple colour that has to invade your wardrobes, it is a classic colour that compliments other tones. 

But why stick to one red item of clothing within the outfit? Why not go all red! You can get away with it for sure!!! Find multiple red garments and assemble them all to create a total RED outfit. you can either coordinate the shades and and the garments or you can mix textures and tones. 

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Though, my favourite way of wearing an all red look is by coordinating the upper and lower parts of an outfit. By this I am referring to a sexy all red suit, dress or in my case a flair trouser and a short sleeve polo neck top. 

This is my 85% red look, but will dare to exaggerate it and take to 100%.. I will keep you posted! Look at the gallery of images that could give you ideas to experiment with layering, accessories and colour. Red is a colour that simultaneously sustains itself throughout the year.

I had to splash out alternative colours. The shoes should have definitely been worn closer to Spring time ahah, the foot was too exposed! The open pumps are from Ted Lapidus (an old renowned Parisian designer). The RED formal flair trouser is from Zara, as well as the short-sleeve RED polo neck top. The sheer sleeve top placed within the polo neck top is from Asos (it is a much loved piece, that I have showcased in other outfit posts). The jacket is from Levi, again to thin for a chilly day in Paris.. but totally worth the cold breezes!

For the ACCESSORIES, the silver and red diamond belt across my waist is a vintage buy from Greece. The cashmere beige scarf is from Burberry, the outstanding leather turtle bag is from Tory Burch (bought in Paris) and shades are from RayBan.

The ONE&ONLY EARRINGS are from Tory Burch!!!!!!!!!!

What do we think of the earrings? 

What do you think of this look? Will you dare to RED it out anytime soon? 

Much love 

CG - #crispycandygirl 

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