The DALI life

The DALI life

Royal Academy of the Arts, 

United Kingdom


Visiting the artistic legends: Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp has revived the collaboration between artist upon artist. This is the first exhibition to showcase such great works of both artists. The father of 'conceptual art' and 'larger-than-life surrealist'. Extraordinary presentation and aesthetic of the exhibition. I know that the exhibition has now come to an end around the UK, but it has come to my attention that it is now based in Athens, Greece!

There come the days where you just want to wear a really thick jumper to act as part of your protected layer, instead of a coat. Yes winter is here, but there are alternative ways of putting an outfit together excluding the coat. Find yourself a thick jumper (the thicker the better) that is oversized and make sure it is of good quality. I know that I am not here to tell you what to buy, but investing in good quality merchandise is key!

This jumper is wool, oversized and has spectacular sleeves. Though I had to wear another jumper underneath: a black polo neck with cool flared sleeves and white stripes that accentuate the joints of the body (i.e. the wrists and neck). 

I paired the jumpers with a contrasting checkered pair of cigarette pants and black knee high boots that hide under the pants. I enjoy overlaying with hinting small aspects of the garments I wear. With this I mean you see a small aspect of the black polo neck, with a limited view the trouser as well as the boots. 

A texture palette above that corresponds with my exact look <3 

The grey wool jumper and black and white polo neck came from Other Stories. The checkered pants belongs to Zara as well as the badass over the knee boots. The beige scarf acts as the colour contraster; from Burberry (cashmere) and the bag is a Louis Vuitton bucket bag!

Many ladies of different sizes can pull off a look like this, but it is key to remember in fitting and working around your body shape! It is no good in finding a look that someone has put together and trying to replicate it. If you have a different body type it might not work! There is no need to feel down about if it doesn't work, but it is important in working through it and finding alternatives that suit you and your style. 


The favourite works of Dalí and Duchamp:


Peace out! 


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