Chanel guilty

Chanel guilty


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I am rather tired of seeing Instagramers grabbing hold of the most popular Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton bags and showcasing them in a way that helps them with their popularity in social media. Having designer bags doesn’t not make you an inspiring dresser nor a stylish person. You are just following a fashion trend that is being copied and replicated over and over and over. Just look at the majority of Instagram posts related to outfit of the day.. there is a clear repetition within them. Balenciaga sneakers, Balenciaga sneakers in black and red, Balenciaga sneakers in the multi-colour. I mean YES, they have proved have been a huge success for Balenciaga! But for me there is more to styling than sticking to things that seem to work, styling is experimenting and finding your own style.

Wear what you feel works with your mood an with your look. I strongly wish that girls and women put together outfits that make them feel fabulous and in their own skin. 

I gifted myself by buying a classic Chanel bag. I have always wanted to buy my first Chanel bag on my own.. with my own money. I chose my first Chanel to be a classic and timeless.  


Apologies, but I hope you don’t expect to see the same trends running around my blog or my INSTAGRAM page. I do my own thing.. 

Boots: Zara

Suede pants: Zara

Jumper: Zara  

Shirt: Miu miu  

Coat: Zara  

Bag: Chanel  

Sunglasses: Vintage Trussardi  


Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday !!!

much love,  

CG #crispycandygirl


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